Safety Requirements

Safety Requirements

  • Packing List - Download your copy of the event details and checklist for all event details.
  • Helmet
    • Snell SA ratings
    • in Car Communication
  • Vehicle
  • Licensed Driver
    • 18 Years of age or older

About Your North Star Instructors

  • Each Driver will be assigned a North Star Instructor for in car instruction.
  • Your instructor will help understand what your goals are while ensuring fun and safety.
  • Classroom instruction will be lead by our senior instructor staff to help reinforce what you learn on track. This will also help provide a different perspective in a non judgmental environment while you share experiences with your peers.

Motorsport Safety Foundation

  • The Motorsport Safety Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving safety standards in motorsport. It is a community where the motorsport industry can come together and have a single voice, a place to share safety concerns and collaborate on research.
  • The BMW Car Club of America is a MSF Certified Organization.